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Services to fit your needs

Yofitech provides either on site, off site, or remote support options.  Depending on the project, how involved you want to be, and your budget we will apply the proper mixture of those services.

On Site:
A Yofitech technician will come to you to work on your premises. Sometimes this is the most effective way to assist you because it is the most comprehensive. When you choose on site service it gives you more flexibility to decide how involved you want to be.  Maybe you just want Yofitech to do the work or maybe you want to be there along side us learning as we go along; it is your choice.

Off Site:
Yofitech's Off site service is the least expensive way to get certain projects or parts of projects done and it is extremely effective. These services are most often used for time consuming activities that do not need to be done immediately or directly at a customers site. Yofitech technicians can even pick up the hardware to work on at our place of business.

Remote Support:
Remote support is the fastest way to get help from Yofitech.  You will work with a Yofitech technician over the phone and there is also an option that you can hand off remote control of your PC over a secured connection. This support option is our mid priced option and can be a great way to resolve issues quickly, but it does require interaction on the customers part.

Now that you know about our service offerings, please visit our contact page and find out how great technology can be when you use it the Yofitech way.