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Computer Support Services

Is your PC running slowly or is something broken? Do you need some guidance on how to use or setup your software or even which software to use? Are you nervous about viruses, malicious software, or attacks on your computer? Don't have the time to do it all yourself? Before you get frustrated you need to realize that you are not alone and that Yofitech can help.

Everyone wants to get the most out of their technology investment, they want to be more productive with the time they spend on their computer and increase their access to information. More people are accessing or working on sensitive information from their PCs than ever before and value their files and need to keep them safe. Also the number of threats and the complexity of attacks are ever increasing so you need to take precautions. Yofitech is here to help you.

Yofitech can provide PC tune-ups, back up critical data, remove unwanted programs, install and configure the software you do want, or even help you upgrade your hardware. We can help you protect yourself using standard tools to lock down your computer; defend against malicious software attacks and data leaks.

Remember that Yofitech is strictly a service provider so you can be assured we are focused on helping you find the right solutions and not on selling you anything. Yofitech technicians are never directly affiliated with any hardware or software companies but have a wide experience with most of the common vendors and products. See our services section for more information on the different ways we can help you.